Sills and Worktops

Worktops made of polimarble

Our products are made of POLIMARBLE- a very hard composit of
marble talk (90%) and polyester resin.
POLIMARBLE is produced with use such product as: marble, granite,
quartz aggregate and natural iron colourings. Combination of
those, mixed with polyester resin gives POLIMARBLE streght and
durability twice as high then natural stone.

POLIMARBLE worktops are the best choice for indoor and
outdoor decoration. In comparison to natural marble it has many
advantages like

* extra streght and durability

* resistans to atmospheric conditions (as water, high and low
temperatures), aggressive organic acids and colourings

* 30 % less weight

* very good mechanical properties - resistans to braking, cracking and crushing

* doesn't conduct electric current

* has ideal smooth and glossy surface

Thank to long life, our products are nature frendly and can be
recycled. POLIMARBLE products have certificates confirming they are
secure for human beings and the environment.


Maximum length 320 cm +/- 1,5 cm
Thickness 19 mm, 24 mm, 30 mm +/- 2 mm


Sample of colors

Type of edges


countertop grey

countertop public

kitchen countertop


duromarble - conglomerate - marble - granite - staron - corian - montelli - pvc - mdf - steel - 2018


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